Local nonprofits meet many needs. Whether supporting people, activities, animals or environment, these organizations serve our community. They bring the passion, knowledge and experience of their staff, board of directors, volunteers and supporters together. And to make the most of these valuable assets, they come to Spokes.

We offer training, consulting and resources. We work with nonprofit management, staff and leadership.

Spokes is here to support the men and women who lead our nonprofits. We show them how to make efforts and finances go further. We help focus passion, magnify effectiveness, and amplify results.

We don’t just help nonprofits, we are a nonprofit. Our work is supported by contributions from a generous donor community, membership and program fees, and gracious volunteers. Every dollar and volunteer hour donated to support Spokes helps hundreds of local nonprofits operate more efficiently.

Like spokes in a wheel, we work with other nonprofits as they connect with the people and causes in our community. We help them stay on course with their mission, move forward in their goals, navigate bumps and maintain momentum.

We’re Spokes. And we’re on a roll!


Thank You Spokes’ Business Partners!

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